Three adventurers united by a viticultural, but moreover human project.

The Domaine de Cazaban is the encounter of an entrepreneur who likes nothing more than cultivating the soil, a globe trotter who believes that the environment and taste of local products is the key to the understanding of local culture, and a wine producer aiming for excellence.

Three strong and complementary personalities, sometimes disagreeing on details but united by their fundamental values : rigour, honesty and respect for living organisms at all levels.


Emmanuel is a young winemaker. That’s good as he loves to learn, always curious. He has a wealth of experience in company direction and management ; He has done that for 30 years.

Perfectionist, he is now following his exclusive passion for Nature. Emmanuel dedicates his demanding personality to the Domaine de Cazaban which he is determined to develop with one main goal : linking people together.


Sylvie likes to turn the handles of the secret doors that appear in life to discover what is hidden behind them. This led her to take a plane to Latin America at the end of her studies, without knowing that she would spend five years there, firstly in Peru, then in the Dominican Republic. She worked there for the chocolate and cigar museum.

For her, this is where mankind is revealed, at the junction of a country, its culture and a terroir : the local produce. At the Domaine de Cazaban, beyond her commitment to the management of the domaine, the human adventure is her guide. That is why she develops wine tourism and thematic workshops here.


Sincerity has always guided Joseph’s path. He met the two loves of his life when he was 6 years old ; the sea and vines.

When he was 20, because he had to choose one of the two, aware that he would finish his life with the other one, he chose to take the sea. On his return 7 years later, he went back to vine culture and the work of the soil, then directed La Préceptorie for 10 years in the Côtes Catalanes terroir where he was a pioneer in organic viticulture.

Wine maker, vine cultivator, assistant to the owner of the domaine…, he prefers not to define his role at the Domaine de Cazaban. For him, first and foremost, wine is made to be drunk, so he scrupulously respects its surrounding biological and human environment.

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