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North-West of Carcassonne, the Domaine de Cazaban produces wines of the Cabardès appellation.

A fair distance from the Mediterranean Sea, not yet in the heights of the Montagne Noire. Our organic and Bio-dynamic wines tell more stories than those of the surrounding country. They relate the adventure of those who have chosen this particular terroir to grow their new roots.

Here is our approach to the production of wines

IGP Pays d’Aude
Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre

Hors Série n°1 - IGP Pays d’Aude

Hors Série n°1 is a dancer. Graceful, patient, its gestual movement widens and becomes more precise as the aromas open up.
An elegant, particular rosé with fresh fruits which gradually becomes discrete without leaving excess sweetness in its wake.

Grenache Blanc

Naissance d’un Grand Blanc - Millésime 2019 - Vin de France

«Naissance d’un Grand Blanc » is the result of a Grenache Blanc vine located in
the foothills of the Montagne Noire. The plowing is done by horse.
Minerality, breadth, depth and fineness characterize this great white wine who will be the
companion as an aperitif for the most demanding wine lovers.

IGP Pays d’Aude
Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Marsanne, Vermentino

Coup de Foudre - IGP Pays d’Aude

Coup de Foudre is a conqueror, a white wine in the midst of Mediterranean reds; white wine is not yet recognised within the Cabardès appellation. From a terroir of strong minded red wines, well structured with a strong personality, the Coup de Foudre is subtle, determined and contemporary in style with a clean introduction, fresh and mineral on the palate, softening towards aromas of white fruit. It has all of the potential to leave its trace and become a characteristic wine of the domaine or even a determinating element, if not for the entire region.

IGP Aude
Carignan, Grenache

Jours de Vigne - IGP Aude

Jours de Vigne, a taste of the charm of the countryside ; the ground warmed by the sun with lively, bright shades of wild orchids which contrast with the panoply of grey limestone in the dry scrubland. Like its terroir, Jours de Vigne is complex, sometimes contradictory though it always finds a good balance between freshness and frivolity.

IGP Pays d’Aude
Grenache, Syrah

Demoiselle Claire - IGP Pays d’Aude

Demoiselle Claire is a turbulent wine which likes to wear the rich, soft robes of the Pays d’Oc appellation and also run after the Mediterranean sunshine.

It would like to visit the entire world without losing its breath, compIementing all types of food from rich meats to refined spices, not forgetting the terroir of its origins.

AOP Cabardès
Syrah, Merlot

Les Petites Rangées - AOP Cabardès

Solid, naturally, Les Petites Rangées is a wine which is full of confidence. It knows its strength, its charm, its natural beauty and is aware that there is no need to make a big show to be appreciated. It calmly transmits the rich aromatic structure of its appellation with aromas of fresh leaves and ripe fruit and will be proud to accompany the richest dishes at the most prestigious tables.

AOP Cabardès
Syrah, Merlot

Domaine de Cazaban - AOP Cabardès

If you wanted to present the appellation Cabardès to a friend, it would be judicious to take the Domaine de Cazaban as an example. It is the quintessencial essence, the most sincere illustration. It never cheats, always assuming its personality – a structure which it unveils at its own tempo, rich on the palate though fresh – exposing its character traits with ultimate elegance.

IGP Pays d’Aude

C’Les Amis - IGP Pays d’Aude

C’Les Amis is your friend. This is a wine to taste at parties with friends, a wine which does not require a ceremony to be appreciated, bare feet in the river, as a break in a long day with a tasty snack. A fresh wine with a joyful and strong personality, parting company on an elegant, long finish.

Pinot Noir

Parti Pris

Who would have guessed that it is possible to produce an aromatic, fresh Pinot Noir on the limestone slopes of Montolieu, in the West of the Languedoc ? Parti Pris represents a strong commitment to develop aromas and delicatesse. Parti Pris translates what we like to do : taking risks, trusting our intuition !

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