My encounter with the Domaine de Cazaban…

A rare encounter, incomparable to others which have occurred in my life.

What put me on the path to the Domaine de Cazaban ?

Firstly, a vital need for renewal, without any concessions to the essential elements which have a meaning for me today and which stimulate desire and pleasure.

Essentially, Nature.
Complete immersion and interaction with Nature, concentrating on details with all of my senses : odours, sounds, images, tactile sensations…

Then human encounters which are sincere, freed of material interest, constraints and false impressions, have led to a business project based on sharing.

And last but not least, the production, with my hands and capacities, of a noble local product which is rich and generous, an authentic social link designed by diverse personalities : Our Wine.

My decision to change my life, after thirty years of direction of French and international companies, made my encounter with the Domaine de Cazaban possible. This encouter occurred because, first of all, I had decided to respect my essential personal perspectives… My analysis of the feasability of this renewal came at a later stage.

This change of life brought about my loss of bearings : geographic, activities, biological rythms to mention just a few. My daily commitment to the life of the domaine, my adaptation to a new environment which I had volontarily chosen helped me to embrace this new universe. I have accomplished this change of life, not without difficulty, freeing myself of certain thought processes and habits. This passage to an alternative walk of life has been possible because I have clothed myself with the robes of a vigneron in his vines and cellar. The meteorological conditions during 2018 with a succession of consequences for the health of the vines, have forced me to learn at the speed of light ! Vineyard cultivation, weeding, treating the vines… In this new environment I am alive, I discover, I share, with intense pleasure.

The saga of the Domaine de Cazaban continues and I sincerely thank Clément Mengus for his commitment and companionship during 2018.

A desire to create an exceptional range of biological and bio-dynamic wines, coherent in relation to previous vintages with no concession on quality. An essential respect for Nature, a desire to gain recognition for our wines beyond our frontiers and to welcome at the domaine men and women who are looking for knowledge and revitalisation.

Qui êtes-vous ?

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