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On the road again…

We have now completed the 2019 harvest. I want to describe and share my state of mind after this period of grape gathering which has been so particular.
This year, I have wanted the harvest to be shared by all of us. A team of young women and men who arrived to occupy the domaine with their energy to harvest our grapes. Intense work, spruce pricks, buckets of grapes to carry, pressing machines to fill and muscular emptying of tanks. All of that in an atmosphere of shared time and life (...)


Years follow on but do not resemble each other… that is particular true in the environment of a vineyard.
2018 was characterised by a rainy spring period with a high degree of humidity and resulting sanitary problems. 2019 comes under the sign of drought ; the vines are in a perfect state of health, but the high temperatures and lack of water are potentially worrying for the evolution of the ripening of the grapes.
Confronted with this scenario, the young wine producer that I am wonders. (...)

I am attracted by challenges… In particular by the vinification of white wine. The development of our vineyard enables us to select the best quality of grapes for our « Coup de Foudre », retaining one specific vineyard plot which is the most appropriate for the production of an exceptional white.
Planted a little less than 10 years ago, orientated from East to West, this particular vineyard cultivates white Grenache on schist soil. According to the opinion of our renowned geographer, Gérard, (...)

Our approach to the production of our wines
At the Domaine de Cazaban it is essential for us to express our convictions.
First of all, we make choices according to each particular situation. There is no place for dogmatism at the Domaine, neither in the vineyard, nor during vinifications. Observation and adaptation are the key words.
We are convinced that it is essential to protect our vines with a natural and reliable immunity system, just as for human beings. If they are strong and (...)

The harvest is launched...
During the two to three weeks preceding this annual event, the harvest was meticulously prepared :
The cave was cleaned as close as possible to perfection, the impermiability of the barrels and larger casks were checked, a complete study was made of the reception plan of the harvest and the positioning of our equipment… not to forget the training of the group of pickers who formed a team of complementary personalities, multilingual and entirely mobile according (...)

A country break for two in the heart of a vineyard ; that leaves you dreaming ? That is now possible at the Domaine de Cazaban ! Roam around the streets of Carcassonne hand in hand, fall under the charm of the medieval cité or stroll down the country path along the midi canal ; our region conjures up an atmosphere of calm and delight. Nestling in the foothills of the Montagne Noire, a few minutes from Carcassonne, in the heart of the Cathar country, the Domaine de Cazaban is an ideal base (...)

A rare encounter, incomparable to others which have occurred in my life.
What put me on the path to the Domaine de Cazaban ?
Firstly, a vital need for renewal, without any concessions to the essential elements which have a meaning for me today and which stimulate desire and pleasure.
Essentially, Nature. Complete immersion and interaction with Nature, concentrating on details with all of my senses : odours, sounds, images, tactile sensations…
Then human encounters which are sincere, (...)

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