Our approach to the production of our wines... Our « bias or Parti Pris »

Our approach to the production of our wines

At the Domaine de Cazaban it is essential for us to express our convictions.

First of all, we make choices according to each particular situation. There is no place for dogmatism at the Domaine, neither in the vineyard, nor during vinifications. Observation and adaptation are the key words.

We are convinced that it is essential to protect our vines with a natural and reliable immunity system, just as for human beings. If they are strong and well defended, our vines will resist well in the case of problematic climatic conditions. We reinforce this immunity system by adapting our choices of vine plants to the pedology, geology and soil types in our vineyards. We also make amendments to the soil and to our vines with biological and biodynamic organic material which is entirely respectful of the environment.

We then consider that the quality of our grapes is by far the most important element for our wine production. As artisan wine producers, our task is first and foremost in the vineyard to achieve the best possible results in the cellar. It is indeed too late to rely on corrective work in the cellar if the grapes are not of optimum quality. Therefore, we relentlessly work on the health and balance of our grapes by constant observation of the evolutions in the vineyard. We then estimate, as precisely as possible, the periods at which our grapes will attain ideal ripeness. This leads to choosing the best foreseeable dates of harvest, following our observations and according to the levels of acidity, structure and alcohol, a balance which is essential for the production of exceptional, tailor made, ‘haute couture’ wines.

The same leitmotif is echoed in the cellar. Allowing nature to control the processes, we intervene only when necessary, following the rules of organic and biodynamic wine production. Indigenous yeasts stimulate alcoholic fermentations ; but if the fermentation does not start correctly we will add organic exogenous yeast in order to avoid any organoleptic deviation.

Our cellar work is based on constant, rigorous observation, as we do previously in the vineyard. Considering for example the use of well renowned sulphites, of course we add some but only at very low doses and at specific moments. The quantity of SO2 contained in our wines is maintained well below the limits for biodynamic viticulture. Nevertheless we do add some as we are convinced that our wines need to be protected from oxidation and various potential deviations.

At the Domaine de Cazaban, we defend the idea of intellectual integrity and we do not cheat. First of all, the Domaine is certified by Ecocert and Demeter respectively for organic and biodynamic viticulture. It is indeed essential for us to guarantee a genuine approach to this type of viticulture for our customers. Consequently, the wine in the bottle corresponds precisely with what is indicated on the label. An approach which might seem to be basic, but which is applied on a daily basis.

Last but not least we have chosen to be « Artisan » wine producers, not industrials. We make authentic wines, genuine and unmodified…. They are witnesses of variations between one vintage and another, which result from all that has happened in the vines during the year according to the effects of Dame Nature and climatic conditions. « Artisan » does not mean that we lack rigour or methodology. On the contrary, while we identify certain of our wines under the Cabardès Appellation, we maintain a clear choice to propose certain other wines as Vin de France to allow as much liberty and creativity as we need for our vinifications and blending. Our aim is to produce wines, which will be appreciated by ourselves and … by our customers.

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