Years follow on but do not resemble each other… that is particular true in the environment of a vineyard.

2018 was characterised by a rainy spring period with a high degree of humidity and resulting sanitary problems. 2019 comes under the sign of drought ; the vines are in a perfect state of health, but the high temperatures and lack of water are potentially worrying for the evolution of the ripening of the grapes.

Confronted with this scenario, the young wine producer that I am wonders. Faced with these climatic variations, the man that I have become reflects and accepts.

I think back to all of the work that we have done since the last harvest to care for our vines in order to produce excellent grapes which will subsequently develop elegant wines. We have made considerable efforts this year to reinforce the vigour of our vines and protect them from climatic events and agression from our furry friends the wild boars. We have made major progress in understanding our terroirs and the correlation between each type of soil and each grape variety.

I also think back to the investments made to enable the Domaine to continue to improve the quality of our vinfications.

So, I end up expecting, naturally, a positive outcome. An excellent harvest at the height of our hopes in quantity and quality… a simple return for our efforts, the care we have taken and our quality commitments.

This expectation would be legitimate in other circles. Inevitably, we realise that it is not applicable in the sphere of wine as Nature and the climate dictate the events.

An essential lesson in life which brings us to be more humble and stronger. Also, a wonderful opportunity to honour the courage and passion of all of our artisan wine producing friends.

Emmanuel Taillez
5th August 2019

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